5 simple boiler maintenance tips

Despite its importance for your home, it is rather unfortunate that the boiler doesn’t get the maintenance that it needs. Functioning every single day means that the boiler’s system is on, almost nonstop. As a result, most people do not focus on the need to carry out maintenance for their boilers until it stops working or develops a fault. Like other fixtures in your house, the boiler should be cared for appropriately and the best way to do this is through regular maintenance. While you may not have the necessary tools or knowledge for professional maintenance measures, there are some basic options to take care of your boiler and prevent damage. Check out these five simple boiler maintenance tips. 

1. Use your heating regularly

While your heating system does most of the work during winter, it is still important to use it as often as you can, to be sure of its working condition. Try to turn on your boiler for a few minutes during summer or spring, to make sure all the parts are functioning effectively and clear out any dust or grit that may have gathered. This simple step helps you to identify any possible problems with the boiler and get it fixed in time. 

2. Check the boiler pressure 

Use the right equipment to check your boiler’s pressure and make sure that the reading level is not less than two bars. If the pressure is too low, get an expert to come and re-pressurize the boiler for it to work effectively. 

3. Prevent blockages

If the ventilation around your boiler is not sufficient, it may not work effectively. Make sure there’s no clutter around the air vents or external flues, so that the gas flow is uninterrupted. 

4. Install a carbon monoxide alarm 

The best way to protect yourself and other inhabitants from carbon monoxide poisoning is to install an alarm that alerts you when there’s a leak in your house. You can get an audible carbon monoxide alarm fixed a few meters from your boiler to get immediate alerts of a possible leak and hire a professional engineer for a replacement. 

5. Schedule an annual boiler service 

Most importantly, a scheduled annual boiler service is the best maintenance you can get for your boiler. With expert consultation from a professional engineer you can identify problems and keep your boiler in premium working condition. 

There you go! Five simple ways to keep your boiler and home safe from faults that may occur over the course of use. With these tips, you also reduce the cost of fixing any possible damages to your boiler or your home. If you notice any problems while carrying out basic maintenance, don’t hesitate to call a professional to replace or fix your boiler. 

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