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Where to Start When Buying a New Home

Consumers prepare for a home purchase by getting their ducks in a row first. Each step toward homeownership requires precision and a careful eye for detail. Choosing the right mortgage for the home, for example, requires the borrower to understand the eligibility requirements. Learning where to start when buying a home guides you through the process.

Evaluate Your Current Credit Scores

Evaluating the consumer’s current credit scores shows if they will qualify for their preferred mortgage. If the credit score is low, it might be a great idea to find better ways to increase the credit scores before approaching a lender. Higher scores mean lower interest rates and more affordable monthly payments. Effective strategies for improving credit scores is to dispute any listings on the credit reports that don’t belong there and paying off smaller debts. 

Get a Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

Lenders offer a pre-approval for a mortgage even if the consumer is not ready to buy a home just yet. The information shows them how much they could get through a mortgage based on their current credit scores and income. The lender could also provide advice about how to increase the mortgage amount in the future if the potential buyer wants to purchase a home in a specific price range. To get a pre-approval, consumers can review services from Dustin Dimisa right now.

Calculate the Required Down Payment

Once the consumer has a basic idea of what they can afford currently, they can calculate the projected down payment for homes based on the home prices. A consumer with great credit could pay as little as 3.6% down for a home. However, if their credit scores are lower than 700, it is more likely that they will be required to pay at least 10% down when buying a home?

If the buyer wants to purchase a vacation home, the down payment will increase up to 20%. The homebuyer might also face some restrictions when choosing a mortgage. For example, FHA mortgages are available for primary homes only, and the borrower would not be able to use the mortgage for any other property.

Start Looking for Homes in Your Price Range

After the buyer knows what they intend to spend on a home, they can start working with a real estate agent. Real estate agents can search the Multiple Listing Service for homes based on the current price of the properties. They can also enter specific search criteria based on the buyer’s preferences. The agents create a list of properties for the buyers to review until the buyer finds the best property for them and their family.

Their mortgage lender will handle everything on the financial side during the property closing. This includes sending a wire transfer for the funds to pay the seller for the property.

Consumers preparing for a home purchase need to evaluate their credit scores and consider how their income affects their chances of buying. Pre-approvals for mortgages can also help them figure out where they stand. Consumers take their next steps by contacting a lender today.

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