The Three I’s of Bad Home Inspection Reports

Living in a new home is an exciting experience, and it is understandable why people will want to rush the process. The people living in New York will need the services of a reliable home inspector to ensure that their homes are sturdy, but this will take time. Those who want to expedite the inspection will have to look for less reputable inspectors to do the deed.

Reputable inspection services in New York will produce detailed reports on the property’s condition, but rushed ones will be sloppy and contain the three I’s of bad inspection reports. Rushed reports will be incorrect, inaccurate, and incomplete.

Home inspectors who are open with the idea of rushing the inspection are unprofessional and will sacrifice the structure’s integrity to please their clients.

Rushed reports will contain incorrect and fictional information regarding the home’s actual condition. The false report will hide the property’s problems and violations using lies. For instance, the inspector might state that everything in the house complies with the local codes only to find out that they didn’t.

Unprofessional home inspectors also produce inaccurate reports that fail to note the property’s problems. Inaccurate reports don’t hide the issues on purpose, but they’re just presented imprecisely, and they could lead to costly and incorrect repairs since their actual condition isn’t determined. Homeowners could also be forced to pay higher insurance premiums due to the inaccurate report.

Rushed home inspections also lead to incomplete reports that fail to note the issues in the home. An example of an incomplete report is a report that doesn’t mention parts of the house not working correctly.

New York home inspections done by professionals won’t produce sloppy reports and will only contain complete and accurate information. This infographic by Tauscher Cronacher details the three I’s of a bad inspection report.

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