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Smart Home Challenges and Solutions

The concept behind smart homes is very admirable. Smart homes aim to make our lives more convenient by simplifying our day-to-day tasks. A few years ago, everyone talked about the internet of things (IoT), and now, we’re living in that reality.

Many people are willing to invest in smart home devices today, making companies work hard to introduce new products or improve versions of their older products.

IoT is widely used in smart homes to help automate many household tasks. Smart home devices are beginning to transform TVs, doors, windows, and many more things that help make our lives easier.

Wireless smart home technology is slowly becoming a solid home companion. When venturing into the world of smart homes, you’re bound to have some form of reservations about the technology used in smart products.

Let’s not forget that there are pros and cons for everything, even smart home devices. However, there are solutions to the challenges smart home devices pose. Here are some of the most common challenges and solutions.

Lack of Compatibility

You’ll seldom find any brand speaking about the incompatibility of their products, no matter how well known they are. With so many smart home devices to choose from, incompatibility is the first issue you’ll likely face.

Although every smart home device can connect to a smartphone app, the best experience is when you’re able to use a single service or open one app to manage and control all your smart home devices at once.

For instance, Amazon prefers designing devices made explicitly for the Alexa or Echo; therefore, their devices often won’t work with Apple or Google Home systems.


The easiest way to overcome the incompatibility of smart home gadgets is to invest in a smart home hub. You should contact your ISP or local cable provider as they might be able to assist you in setting up an entire home automation system.

Also, it’s always wise to carefully consider the platform you’re most familiar and comfortable with and research products based on compatibility with this platform. Where possible, it might be best to purchase smart home devices from one brand to ensure compatibility.

Network Connectivity

The next most common challenge is network connectivity. This issue is one that you’re likely to face now and then and may also be the one thing that stops people from investing in smart home devices.

From smart cameras suddenly dropping their feed to your smart lights failing to turn off by themselves, connectivity issues are disruptive and annoying. But, there’s nothing to worry about as this issue is surprisingly easy to fix!


The best action you can take is to upgrade to a faster internet router. Your internet router is the primary device that makes your smart home function smoothly.

If your wireless router is outdated, it may have a hard time trying to keep up with the number of devices on your internet network. Therefore, it’s best to upgrade to a top-of-the-line wireless router.

FirstEnergy electric has a wide range of wireless routers to choose from, with more than affordable prices.

Difficulty in Controlling Smart Devices 

Although the other two issues covered are generally expected, the most common issue with smart devices is the difficulty faced in adapting to smart home technology and the feeling of being attached to an app to manage your home.

The ability to control your lights or thermostat from anywhere in the world is a fantastic feeling. However, when you’re home, it can feel like a chore finding your smartphone to adjust the temperature or turn off a light.


It’s not that hard to overcome this particular issue. You can start by ensuring all smart devices consist of easy-to-access physical controls. Also, consider investing in smart switches.

For example, the best smart locks and smart thermostats have traditional controls that function alongside their companion apps, allowing users to have all the benefits of their smart devices while also interacting with the device through their standard controls.


Before investing in smart home gadgets, keep in mind the challenges you may face. But understand, these challenges have simple solutions that will help you build an intuitive smart home.

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