Rubber Parking Stoppers

Concrete Parking Stops

When we buy parking stops, one of the doubts that may arise is if their installation is simple and we can do it ourselves. If these steps are straightforward to assemble, you don’t have to be any prodigy or specialist, and we have you to put desire.

Parking Blocks Installation Instructions

We must be very clear about all the places or parking block in an open area, and it can often be done with the use of parking blocks; it is necessary to install them correctly, within standard measures, where the vehicles have enough space to park but without colliding with what surrounds you. Installing parking blocks is not difficult and can be done in one afternoon.

Installation Instructions

Block off the area before you start to make sure no one tries to park in the work zone. Use cones or tape. Determine the number of parking blocks you want to use. Multiply the number of blocks by the number of holes in each block to find out how many spikes or anchor bars you need.

Place each parking block in the position you want. Make a mark on the ground with chalk marking the entire surroundings of the block. Take the measurements between the squares and the wall to check that everything is correct. Drill a hole at each marked point, with the drill at least 3 inches deep. Position each parking block after drilling the holes.

Finally, we will have to place the fastening bolts to the ground and tighten them until the stop is firmly attached.

Concrete Bumpers

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