Preferred Options for Built In wardrobes

The bridge wardrobe is a solution that allows, in the case of rooms with particular dimensions, for example long and narrow , or with a large window, to place the furniture and the bed on the same bed, thus leaving more walkable space around.

They are an important innovation in the field of furniture that allows you to solve several complicated situations.

A bridge wardrobe requires a wall of at least 210 centimeters in width while the depth of the cabinet is at least 80 centimeters, in the design phase it is necessary to take into account the total size of the bed, including headboard and structure. It is a recurring type of solution in children’s bedrooms, the custom built wardrobes.

Wardrobe with TV cabinet

A valuable solution as well as maximum functionality, is to place a wardrobe in front of the bed, in which a panel is left free to arrange the television.

In a long and narrow bedroom, it allows you to solve two problems in one fell swoop, without the need to fix the appliance on the wall and at the same time having a perfectly front view, and therefore comfortable, when you are in bed in the evening hours.

Corner wardrobe

A solution that allows you to manage space problems or particular shapes in the rooms is the corner wardrobe.

In this case you can take advantage of the possibility of asymmetry of the doors to have a wardrobe able to cover an unused perimeter of the room: corner wardrobes.

Custom wardrobe for attic

The attic is a particular home, both for the charm it has in living on the top floor and for the particular conformation of the same, with a sloping roof that makes the concept of walkable surface different from the size of the house.

The beams of the ceiling could in fact require custom-made elements, starting from the bed to get to the bedroom closet.

The inclined wardrobe with the same slope as the roof is the most logical solution, if you want to take advantage of the hinged doors and take advantage of the full height.

Built-in and pull-out wardrobe

Another particular solution is that of cabinets built into voids of the walls, the so-called wall cabinets and their additional functionality that makes them removable.

They come in handy when we need to furnish attics or low and deep attics; the pull-out wardrobe , which opens like a front drawer, allows to have the shape of the piece of furniture commensurate with the height of the attic.

Cabinet with casters

An original and alternative idea, in addition to being a temporary solution pending definitive choices, can be the purchase of a wardrobe with wheels. Easily transportable from one room to another, they have inside drawers and spaces for storing clothes and related accessories in order. They perform perfectly the function of wardrobe, equipped with sliding drawers and above all make the change of season simple, making organization easier. The cheaper models, and even lighter ones, have a practical roller blind that allows you to open or close in an instant, finding the clothes you are looking for immediately.