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Perfect Choices for the best Accommodation for Rent

Although the most common housing investment strategy is long-term renting of empty homes, renting of furnished homes is becoming more common. Such activities do not necessarily have to be short-term rentals, but the apartment can also be rented furnished for a longer period. What should a home investor consider when renting a furnished home? Below are the tips for an interested person. However you can get more info  now from the experts also.

Make sure the apartment is fit for purpose

Furnished accommodation is often a temporary home for residents. Therefore, it is important that the apartment is in a very good location. The apartment must be well connected, clean, comfortable and well equipped. A particularly good destination is located near a business park, school, airport or the like.

Furnish the apartment clean and comfortable

Furnish the apartment to a comfortable home with everything you need to live. Furnish the apartment with comfortable and sturdy beds and clean and intact furniture. If you rent an apartment through Morton Place, guests can rate you as a host. You get a good score when you get a good accommodation experience. With lots of testimonials and positive feedback, your apartment will be easier to rent in the future.

Take good photos of your apartment

One picture tells more than a thousand words. So take good pictures of your apartment with a good camera and attach them to your listing. Seek professional help in taking pictures if you need to.

Advertise your apartment on multiple pages

Furnished rentals can be advertised not only on traditional sites like Morton place, but also on your searches. There are many different types of booking sites. To ensure a high occupancy rate, it is advisable to advertise on multiple sites. Websites account for 4 – 15% of the total amount of commission accommodation.

Manage reservations carefully

Be careful when managing your accommodation reservations, especially if you rent your apartment through multiple sites. Hosting sites can be easily linked together so calendars are synchronized in real time. This will avoid duplicate bookings. The booking sites have clear practical guidelines for this.

Set the rental level as appropriate

Set the rental level carefully and calculate the appropriate rent for the apartment, which covers the costs: cleaning, furniture, WiFi, household goods and insurance. Remember to keep in mind that the seasons affect the price. In most cities there is more demand in August – September, but less in January – February, so it is advisable to set the price according to demand. Often try to find the best price. The lower the rent, the more likely the booking time is a bit longer.

Carefully clean

Get durable furniture and easy-wash textiles. If the tenant changes more often, you will also have to repeatedly take care of the cleanliness of the textiles in the apartment, as well as the cleaning of the apartment and the washing of sheets. Be prepared from time to time to do some major cleaning, such as window and carpet cleaning. Through Morton Place, you can request host partners to help with cleaning and renting. The cleanliness and careful cleaning of your home are very important and also affect the reviews you receive. In addition to cleanliness, hygiene is of the utmost importance. Make sure that the sheets and towels are washed thoroughly and hot enough to prevent the dust from spreading. Also consider allergies when choosing detergents.

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