Information on the ICON South Beach: Background, Location, Architecture and Style

Property buyers are sure to find an outstanding selection of Miami luxury real estate options on today’s market. But if you are someone who is looking for your very own high-rise home space in a supreme location that offers features that others could only dream of having, you should definitely check out the ICON South Beach.

Background Information

The ICON South Beach happens to be the last building to have been added to the bay side area of the neighborhood located in the city of Miami Beach. It was built in 2005 and continues to be one of the most impressive condo communities within the region today.

Community Location

South Beach is one of the most fabulous neighborhood communities within the entire South Florida region. The ICON South Beach is located right along the famous Alton Road and offers exquisite views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The neighborhood community itself offers numerous parks, schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, coffee shops, and restaurants which enables people to have whatever it is they need in order to maintain the highest quality of living possible since residents are often people who seek a luxurious lifestyle.

Architecture and Style

The 40-story tower is one of the most remarkable works of art located within the city. It was designed by Sieger Suarez to incorporate very crisp, modern lines and elegant glass fixtures to provide people with a sophisticated place to call their home.

As for the actual private residences within the condo community, people can expect to find uniquely designed modern home spaces – with nine distinct floor plans and four interior design themes designed by Philippe Starck to select from – which appeal to people’s distinctive tastes. Options range from one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom residences which range from 851 square feet up to 2,145 square feet in size.

Landscape Photography Wall Art

Few people would argue the fact that this planet we live on is full of beauty. Beauty surrounds us day in and day out. Whether we live in the city, the country, the sea-side or a tropical paradise, beauty abounds. Unfortunately we can’t always afford to have the best view from our home, or can we?

Famous Landscape Photographers such as Ansel Adams have long tried to capture the worlds beauty and bring it to life in printed media. This was a way to bring images from far off exotic places, into our homes and minds.

A high quality photo print of a famous landscape or exotic location is a great way to spruce up a room. With a stunning piece of Landscape Photography you can even create an entire theme in your home.

It is now possible to have a beautiful landscape photograph of Mount Everest or a field full of tulips beautifully displayed on your wall. You can create the most amazing views right in your home.

Love the beach? Why not display a beautiful beach scene or sunset on the ocean right in your living room. You could create a theme based room with your favorite Hawaiian beach scene or seascape picture. You may not be able to live on the beach but you sure could look at it every day. Imagine waking up every morning to the view of a wave crashing on a tropical beach or an amazing sunrise over the ocean. A beautiful peaceful scene can set the tone for your entire day.

Always wanted an apartment overlooking Manhattan or the NYC Skyline at night? Why not buy a beautiful cityscape picture that shows just that. How about a picture of the moon resting over the Brooklyn Bridge? You could display the best NYC views in your home without the price tag that comes with it.

The possibilities are endless. Just because you can’t always physically be sitting on a pier overlooking the ocean at sunset doesn’t mean you can’t bring that scene to your home and be there whenever you want.

Give Your Garden An Expert Touch With A Landscape Designer

Who doesn’t desire of seeing a beautifully crafted and delightfully blossoming garden on opening the windows on early mornings? The sight of fresh leaves & petals, gorgeous colors and sweet scent magnetize all. But the rushing schedules do not allow most to invest hours of hard work and care to craft the garden of their dreams. Others, though with ample time, find it challenging to design and create something which they can call their dream garden. This is where a professional landscape designer comes into picture. Be it designing, creating or sustaining your outdoor spaces/gardens, they can do it all. Apart from cutting on your efforts, expert designers bring along a number of benefits:

Well versed with fundamental design concepts – Professional designers know it all. Be it climate, soil texture, variety of plants (endemic & exotic) or color balance – their knowledge encompass every aspect related to gardens.

Which climate is best for growing what plants, which soil type will suit a particular plant type, how to regenerate the nutrient content of dying soil, which plant varieties look good together, which plants need special care and when, how to grow and space flowering & non-flowering plants so as to get perfect color balance in the garden – all this and more is known to these professionals. So, when they are around you need not worry about anything. Imagine how relaxing that can be!

Creativity at its best – All that you can think of, a landscape designer can create. With numerous ideas, he/she can even give shape & fill colors to your imagination in designing garden of your desire.

Whether you want your garden to be a place to relax or as a recreational area; whether you just want a huge designer lawn with few exotic flowers or a rich collection of variety of flowering & decorative species; whether you are looking forward to topiaries or pergola designs – a professional designer can do it for you, all with an immense flavor of creativity. With a blend of living and non-living elements he/she can transform your garden to be an element of desire & envy among the neighbors.

Backyard Landscape Design on a Budget

Everyone loves to have nice looking yards whether it is the front or back yard but many feel that they do not have the money to make them look extra special. Yes, it can take a lot of money to design your front or back yard but it can be done even with a budget. All you need is some great ideas and inexpensive things that are suitable for landscaping. You want to make sure that you do not clutter your yard with too many things, especially if you have a small backyard. When you are designing your backyard landscape it is important to keep in mind is that all you really need is some beautiful colorful plants, some place to sit and relax, maybe a brick or stone path, a patio, etc. Most people want to design their backyard as a place of entertainment for their friends, relatives, and neighbors.

When considering what plants to use you can either get plants that you can plant in the ground or grow in medium sized pots. There is no reason to purchase large plants because eventually the medium size ones will grow bigger over time. Buying medium size plants and letting them grow bigger will also save you money. You can get inexpensive, colorful plants like clematis, day lilies, delphinium, etc. You can also try your hand at growing plants for seeds. Make sure that you are choosing a wide variety of colors that coordinate with each other.

If you opt to have a stone path it will make your backyard more organized and beautiful and is a great idea to use for small backyards. Make sure that you have the route of the stone path laid out before putting the stones down. Because many people like to have barbeques during the summer months you will need to decide what type of furniture you are going to need. If you have an area away from the house you can pour a concrete patio for your tables, chairs, barbeque grill, and canopy. If you have a large back porch you can use area for your barbeque area. You can use beach furniture if you have a tight budget. You should also put some colorful plants around the area. If you are farther out in the yard instead of near the porch, this is where you could use that stone path leading from the porch to the patio so you do not have to walk in the grass. Along the stone path you can use solar powered lights for illumination.

5 Facts to Shed Some Light on Exterior Landscape Lighting

Just as you use interior lighting techniques to highlight and enhance furniture and objects inside your home, and in some cases to disguise or camouflage imperfections, you can add exterior lighting to show off your landscaping and the architectural details of your home.

The Practical Aspects of Exterior Lighting

Aesthetics are important, but using lights to enhance your home and family’s safety and security should take priority. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to install bright, garish floodlights, but it does mean you should identify the areas that are prone to accidents or prowlers.

All walkways and stairs should be lit so that family, friends and delivery people don’t trip and fall, especially if some walkways have uneven stones. Solar lights can be placed two or three feet apart the length of your walkways and still provide adequate illumination.

The entranceways to your home, garage, shed or other out buildings should be well lit; motion lights are perfect for this purpose and using them will save money on electricity. Nowadays, you can get solar powered motion lights. The security drawback is that your solar lights may not receive a full charge on a cloudy or rainy day, and therefore won’t operate properly at night. This isn’t a big deal for other landscaping lights, but for safety and security purposes, you may want your entryway lights hard wired.

Discreet zone lighting throughout your property also makes a statement that you are protecting your property; people are less likely to trespass in a well-lit yard. Static lights and motion lights will also discourage wildlife from roaming through your vegetable garden and flower beds at night.

Emphasizing Key Landscape Features

Your yard is an extension of your indoor living space, so why not highlight your favorite entertainment areas? Strategic up lighting will show off your deck or patio, a pool or any other entertainment zone. The lighting can be soft so that the outdoor features are enhanced and still provide enough light to cook and dine by. In some cases, good exterior lighting can double the living footprint of your home.
Double Your Viewing Pleasure

By using exterior lighting, you can enjoy your landscape during the evening as well as the day. All the hard work you put into the exterior of your home can be enjoyed from inside the house as well if you illuminate the landscape. And there is nothing more welcoming than a house with outdoor lighting.

Capture The Attention of Your Customers With a Practical Approach to Shop Decorating

Many results of extensive researches and studies has been done to determine consumer behavior – from the ‘why they walk past stores’ to the determining factor that urges them to enter a shop; from finding out what they feel when they enter a store to where’s the tipping point when they decide to purchase something from a store. 60% of the decision-making process, a staggering number if we do say so ourselves, is made based on how they feel about your store. There are many other underlying factors involved, like customer service, lighting, price and quality of the products on display…but even with that said, a lot of consumers ‘cite shop decor display’ as one of the major factors that affects their buying habits.

Shop decor display also plays a pivotal role in gaining customer loyalty – something that brings the customer back time and time again. And this says a lot about how important a successful visual presentation your shop decor display is.

The shop decor display determines whether the consumer gets overwhelmed, confused or enthralled by what you have on display. Oh, you could have a very organized decor that display that has a focal point, but ponder this for a moment, do you place everything of importance in the single right place or do you give your potential customers enough ‘thinking space’ as they walk through your shop? This is crucial because once your potential customer is overwhelmed with your shop decor display, it’s hard to turn them around – not even with a very persuasive sales person at their tail.

Playing up the shop decor display of your retail outlet is unavoidable…if you want to keep your customers from walking out of your store within two minutes of being in there. Are you bringing merchandize or products to your customers’ attention? Is the display area bland and hard to differentiate from other similar stores? Would you, if you were a customer, feel comfortable walking around a retail outlet with your type of shop decor display design?

With your shop decor display, you have to divert your customers’ attention straight to where you want them to look using practical display units that is at eye-level. If there’s one single item that you want them to take notice of, bring their attention to it, INSTANTLY. So, it’s important to come up with a design that both captivates the essence of your company’s brand/image and at the same time make the customers feel at ease (without having to rush around or hoping that they don’t miss anything of importance).

Perk Up Post-Holiday Homes With Low & No Cost Home Decorating Tricks From the Pros

Post-holiday cleanup is an ideal starting point for spring cleaning and home improvement projects. But if the sagging economy isn’t inspiring costly updates, you can still create a new look, add pizzazz or a make decorative statement on even the tiniest budget. Just add your own creativity to some helpful tips from a few innovative decorators.

Here are some great ways to make the most of shoestring-budget decorating projects. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make low-cost, high impact changes to your home, check out my list of must-see shows; “Design Cents,” “FreeStyle,” “Mission Organization,” and “Design on a Dime” on HGTV, and “Sell This House” on A&E. Each of these offers loads of inspiration and creative solutions that cost little to nothing.

Looking for No-Cost Decorating Ideas? Start at Home…

Design Tip Number 1: Shop… At Home
When was the last time you rearranged your furniture? Now go one step further. Have you swapped major pieces or decorative accents between rooms lately? Try shopping your own home to create a fresh look at no cost – it’s easy and as budget-friendly as it gets.

Swapping out decorative pillows, artwork, rugs, or a few accent pieces between rooms is a simple job; and rearranging larger pieces such as chairs, shelves and wall units within – and between – rooms can create a whole new feel. And don’t forget to scour closets and storage areas for useful finds. Need inspiration? Watch a few episodes of “FreeStyle” and “Design Cents” on HGTV for scads of no-cost room redo ideas.

Design Tip Number 2: De-Clutter Your Way to Style
Often, the basics in a room are fine but any sense of style is lost in the clutter. Culprits include too many accessories clustered on tabletops, accent furniture-lined walls, and stacks of magazines, books, DVD’s, toys, games, and such. In these cases, a good clean-out can feel like a room makeover for free.

To de-clutter, grab some moving boxes and mark them: Keep, Trash, Donate, Another Room, and Store. Begin sorting, working around the room until the floor, table and shelf surfaces are clear. Then look at your furniture with a critical eye. Remove fussy fill-in pieces that serve no decorative or useful purpose. Keep pieces that you like, especially those that can be used for storage.

Cheap Decorative Mirrors

A lot of people these days want to improve the interiors of their home. They want to have everything remodeled and renovated. But major house renovation can cost much. It is really expensive. Their desires are unlikely to be met due to the fact that they have to pay out a lot for home improvements. Nevertheless, something can be done to perk up the home without having to spend a lot of money. There are cheap ideas to remodel a house. These designs can just cost less than a thousand dollars but you can still have the look you want for your home. It is very practical to have inexpensive concept for the interiors of your home. This concept involves the use of mirror to decorate the home.

Designing a home with mirrors is a practical method to budget your money and to beautify your home at the same time. It is of great advantage to get back the money you spent for your home if you plan to sell your house in the future. A house that has been improved can be sold in the market in just a blink of an eye.

If you are a home owner, you can try using mirrors to decorate your home. It is easy and simple to do even though you are not artistically inclined. There are several advantages in putting decorative mirrors.

It is cheap. You do not need a big amount of money to have decorative mirrors at home; however, it is a good way to improve your home. You can use any kind of mirrors you can find. The cheap ones will do. Redecorate your house with mirrors and spend less than a thousand dollars.

Your house will look more spacious. It seems like magic that your house can look larger just by putting up decorative mirrors. This technique is generally useful to small houses. Small houses can look bigger if they are adorned with mirrors. It is better to place the mirror along opposite walls.

Decorative mirrors improve illumination. A room with a dark paint can look small. However, if you do not want to change the paint with a lighter color, there is a good method for it to look larger. Use decorative mirrors to the walls for these mirrors can equalize the dark color. Place mirrors parallel to the windows to get improved illumination even without turning the lights on. The mirrors reflect the brightness of the sunlight. Through this practical method, you can even save energy.

A Word on Decorating Trends

This time of year we are overwhelmed with predictions for the New Year. Whether it’s on TV or in the magazines, experts are telling us what we should buy in 2009 to look or be “hip”. Our homes are no different. Most of us want our home decor to reflect current trends and to not look “dated”. However, just as with fashion home decor trends run the risk of being ‘in’ one day and ‘out’ the next. So, what’s a savvy homeowner to do?

As a professional decorator, I have found that the number one thing to keep in mind when decorating your space it to do what makes YOU feel comfortable, happy and functional – no matter what may be the newest fad. That’s why I often ask to see a clients closet or visit a room that they absolutely love – even if it’s in a hotel or out of a magazine. More than likely those are the colors they can live with comfortably for years to come. I’ve seen more people fall for a current color scheme – say the recent trend in pale blue and chocolate brown – and then spend a lot of money furnishing an entire room in that scheme. Though they may not ever wear blue or have any brown in their home they still want what’s “in”. Sadly, after just a few short months many have grown tired of the scheme or find they aren’t as comfortable in the space as they had hoped — they have fallen victim to fads…

Luckily, there are many ways to keep up with the latest trends while still maintaining your personal sense of style – and save you valuable dollars in the long run.

Accessories: An inexpensive way to introduce a trend into your decor is to use accessories while keeping the same pieces of furniture you already have in a room. Another trend we’re seeing is bringing funky, vintage items into otherwise modern rooms. It’s the juxtaposition of old/new that makes it current. Other trends in accessories include silver, mercury glass finials, large glass apothecary jars filled with items that complement your color scheme and groupings of large, white porcelain vases or bowls really add visual impact.

Color: Painting always breathes new life into a space and costs next to nothing. Color trends we see that can be used for years to come include combing raw neutrals like grays and beiges with more organic pops of color, like terra cotta, lavender or green. Another theme recycled over the years is picking two main colors for a room, including the walls, furnishings, and flooring then adding a splash of a third color through the use of accessories, art and florals. Black and white is still a classic scheme for creating drama but we are seeing the addition of a third bright color like turquoise or hot pink to update the scheme. Color experts predict that current economic conditions will attract us to bring shades of yellow into our home as it brings thoughts of joy and happiness to our psyche. For that same reason we are seeing less shades of blue – unless used in combination with yellow.

Home Improvement: 9 Quick Fixes

Have you been looking for some easy home renovation tips? If so, you are reading the right article. This article offers a number of quick fixes that you can make around your home. Read on.

Squeaky Hinges of Doors
You can fix the problematic door hinges by spraying a bit of WD-40. Alternatively, you can rub a bit of petroleum jelly on the hinges. If these methods don’t work, you can elevate the pings of the hinges about halfway and then lubricate them with a small quantity of oil. This will fix the issue in a few seconds.

Squeaky Floor
If you want to fix the floor temporarily, you can sprinkle a little talcum powder on the area that makes noise and then sweep it into the floor cracks. Removing the traces of powder is a good idea if you are planning to refinish the floor down the road.

Peeling Wallpaper
You can use a sharp knife in order to smear some wallpaper paste onto a writing paper. Next, you can rub the paper underneath the section that you want to peel off. Now, you should push the wallpaper on the wall sliding the paper out and smoothing the bubbles using a cloth.

Worn Caning
With time, you can experience a bit of sagging, which is natural. If you want to fix the problem, all you have to do is wet the bottom of the caning with lukewarm water. Then you should let it dry overnight.

Dusty Chandelier
Let the fixture cool down. Put on a pair of gloves. You should dampen one glove with glass cleaner. Next, you should wipe each of the prisms with the damp glove and then the dry glove.

Stained Tub
Create a paste with equal amount of baking soda and cream of tartar. Now, you should drop a few drops of lemon juice in the paste and then mix the whole thing. Then you can use a soft cloth to rub the paste on the stains. After an hour or so, you should rinse with water.

Stuck Sliding Windows
If you have some sliding windows that are stuck, you can use a bit of silicone spray lubricant to grease the skids. All you have to do is spray the lubricant on a piece of rag and then use the rag to wipe the tracks. That’s it.

Hard-to-Remove Decals
Again, you can use WD-40 on the decals and the areas around them. You should elevate the edges to get access to the underside of the decals. Once you are done, you should scrap away each of the decal using a credit card.