Open vs. Closed Storage in Kitchen Design

When it comes to the interior design of your home, there are a lot of evolving styles and influences that seem to be natural transitions, but every now and again you must stop and ask yourself if this new trend suits your lifestyle, or if you are just considering it because it is what is hot in the world of design right now. One of the kitchen design trends that has been sweeping through remodels and redesigns lately has been open storage systems. 

In order to decide if open storage or a closed storage system is best for your kitchen design, here are some pros and cons of each!

The Pros

Ease of access: This is a wonderful system when it comes to regularly used dishware, glasses or even ingredients. Keeping them within easy access is convenient, and because they are being used often, they will not gather dust. 

Cost friendly: Open storage is also a lot cheaper to install because you are using a lot less material than you would when building full cabinets. 

Small kitchen-friendly: This system is perfect for smaller kitchen layouts because it does not use a lot of wall space. 

Minimalist: Because it involves scaling down, this is the perfect minimalist kitchen design.

The Cons

Design depth: In order to keep the design crisp, you will need to think about what you store on the shelves and make sure they are visually striking. 

Cleaning: There is a lot more cleaning and dusting with open storage. 

The Pros of Closed Storage

Your design: It is up to you if you choose a minimalist design behind the closed doors or a more intricate style.

Clutter doesn’t matter: Having cluttered cabinets is not an issue with closed storage because it cannot be seen, so your kitchen can still have a clean, crisp look.

The Cons

Price: Full, closed cabinets can be a lot more expensive to purchase, make, or install. 

Space eaters: Floor to ceiling closed storage can take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

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