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My Roof Warranty: What It Is And What It Covers

Investing on a new roof for your home is a big decision to make. If anything goes wrong, there’s a chance that you will face a lot of problems in your home and money will be at risk. This is the reason why getting new roofs with warranties are very essential nowadays. Warranties can definitely help a certain homeowner when he encounters a trouble with their purchased roof.

Warranty for roofs consists of two types: One is where the manufacturer issues it to the homeowner and the second is where the roofer issues it. Each warranty has its own inclusions that is why it is very important that you are familiar with these two.

Some homeowners usually pay attention to the span of the roof warranty without getting the further details or inclusions of the warranty taken. Take a closer look at the type of warranties you can avail for your roof and what each consists of.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty is being issued by manufacturers.

Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

This type of warranty covers manufacturing defects and premature deterioration only. This is a known type of warranty due to its free or low fee offer.

Full-system warranty

This warranty covers both roofing material and labor defects.

Workmanship Warranty

This type of warranty is only limited to improper handling and installation of roofs.

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To know more about roof warranties, check out this infographic.

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