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How To Identify Common Electrical Problems In Your Home

Sometimes we don’t even know that our home’s installations are gradually wearing down until we’re suddenly faced with a complete breakdown that seems to have come from out of nowhere. Few things are as inconvenient as suddenly having to deal with total power failure or a power outlet blowing – not to mention the unexpected extra expense of having to correct it. Luckily there are several things to look out for that will help save you from having to deal with even worse problems later on, if you know how to identify signs of trouble. Here is a list of some of the most common household electrical issues and how to identify them, so that you can call for electricians in Townsville and alert them of the specifics of the problem.

  1. Dips And Fluctuations In Power Supply

If you find that turning on your stove suddenly drops the power supply to your other appliances, or that any of the appliances in your home don’t consistently produce the same level of power, you may be dealing with a problem area that is leaking or siphoning electricity from your overall supply. This can be due to a faulty appliance that isn’t regulating energy properly or the use of substandard materials in your home’s electrical network.

  1. Electrical Surges That Happen Quite Often

The occasional electrical surge isn’t all that abnormal or telling of a definite problem. It can happen during lightning strikes or because of issues in the main power grid of your area. If you find your lights flicker fairly often and appliances in your home turn on and off unexpectedly but often, however, you don’t have to call a poltergeist removal team quite yet. It could be that your electrical surges are being caused by faulty wiring in your home, or appliances that are malfunctioning and draw significant enough amounts of power to affect the energy supply of the rest of the house.

  1. Lights Are Too Bright Or Too Dim

If you find that some of your lights aren’t glowing as they should be, there could be two possible causes behind it. Firstly, the wattage of your globes may be different. Check what wattage the globes are, compared to the rest of your home’s lights, and always buy globes of the same wattage if you want your entire house to have equal amounts of light. The second likely cause is a faulty neutral connection, which isn’t something you’ll be able to identify or fix yourself. If the first step of checking globe wattage and ensuring they’re all the same doesn’t work, you’ll have to call in an electrician for assistance, as the problem won’t go away.

  1. Light Bulbs Don’t Last Very Long

Typically, a light bulb or globe of a decent quality brand should have an average lifespan of 3 years, although it varies somewhat between the different types of globe. If you find that you have to replace the lightbulbs around your house every few months or less, there is definitely a problem with your electrical network. The causes can range from excessive wattage, to bad wiring on the circuit or mains, a dimmer switch that isn’t able to handle current beyond a certain wattage, or insulation problems around the light installation if it’s a specific light that keeps giving you problems.

  1. Electricity Bill Is Suddenly Much Higher

If you haven’t made any big changes to your daily routine or added any large new appliances to your existing home setup and notice that your electricity bill is suddenly much higher than it was in the past, you should call for an electrician to come and thoroughly inspect your home’s circuits, mains and installation for faults. You should also check Texas electricity plans to see whether you are already on the most affordable one that meets your home’s requirements without breaking the bank.

  1. Random Electrical Shocks Or Power Tripping

If you get shocked after turning an appliance on or off, or the power at the mains trips when you switch on an appliance, you may be dealing with a faulty appliance. If the power trips after putting on any random selection of appliances, you may have too many appliances on a circuit or an issue with your power supply.

If you experience any of these situations at home, it’s best to call for professional assistance as electrical problems are not only costly but also potentially unsafe and won’t improve if they’re not looked at. If you’re looking for professional and expert electricians in Townsville, contact us for friendly and swift assistance today.

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