Great Options You Can Go for Dehumidification

With a very limited dehumidification capacity, they are not the ideal solution for large water infiltration or mold problems. Their water tank is sometimes 500 ml and they consume very little electricity, because their power is very low. The slowness of their drying process makes them suitable for small areas such as motorhomes, boats or even cellars. The best solution is to opt for the avfuktning stockholm service there.

The Main Criteria For Choosing The Right Dehumidifier

The following criteria will help you choose your device.

Pumping capacity (number of liters extracted / day)

It represents the number of liters of water that your device is able to extract over a specific period (1 hour or 1 day). If you want to use it for a humid room of medium volume or for domestic use, it is recommended to opt for an extraction or pumping capacity of 5 to 30 liters per day (5 to 30 l / d).

The range (covers how many m² of surface)

Expressed in square meters, this is the area that you can clean up on a regular basis. The larger the area, the more range you will need. This criterion is closely linked to the pumping capacity. By determining the size in m² affected by humidity, you will be able to determine if a dehumidifier of 15 m² is suitable or not. However, the range of a good dehumidifier varies between 50 and 120 m².

The power

This is a criterion that will avoid unpleasant surprises on your electricity bill. It is advisable to opt for a device whose power is not too high. There are indeed many dehumidifiers on the market which offer good performance, without however being energy-consuming.

The reservoir

This is the water capacity that your device is able to hold. Indeed, the water captured by the dehumidifier is stored in a tank. The smaller this tank, the more often you will have to empty your device. It is generally a function of the size of the latter.

The water drainage system

This is how you empty your device’s water tank. Some models are self-draining while other models must be manually emptied. For the self-draining models, you can connect an optimal length of hose to facilitate the evacuation of the water. Models that must be manually emptied require that you open the device to remove and empty the tank once it is full.

Solidity and reliability

It is needless to remind you of the benefits of using a solid and reliable device. By choosing a solid and reliable device, you are choosing an efficient and resistant dehumidifier with a long service life.

The hygrostat system and advanced functions

This system will allow you to regulate the humidity of your room, in order to reach and stabilize the desired rate. It is a system present on the majority of electric dehumidifiers. However, some models have more complex systems than others. Please choose the device that you find the easiest to use. For the interior of a home, the ideal humidity level is between 45 and 60%.

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