Finer Word Designs In the Right Note for You

Creating a design for an advertisement whether displayed on the physical or through social media is a demanding creative process. Each detail has a function within it; word art is no exception.

Letter fonts

There is an infinity of fonts available on the net to complement the design you are looking for, the five basic categories of these are: Serif identifiable by a line on the edge of each letter; Sans serif which do not have this line; Display of thicker and flashy style; Script an elegant typeface that mimics cursive writing giving the illusion of being handmade; and Symbol that as the same word tells us, a series of symbols that can range from Chinese, Egyptian, traffic, to Christmas or Halloween themes. You can also go Beyond a Word Art and explore more.

Using multiple fonts and style

It is important that you limit yourself to using two or at most three different types of letters, this so as not to overload the image and that instead of achieving an attractive design to the eye, it irritates it. All this will depend on whether it is informative, illustrative, etc. For example, you are not going to use the same number of fonts for a student scholarship information poster as for a poster for a new ice cream flavor, where the number of words and the size of the image vary.

The target audience

Another point to consider when choosing the typeface is the target audience, a message made with modern symbology will not have the same effect on an 80-year-old man as a softer and more classic letter with which it can be identified. On the other hand, young people appreciate the striking, brief and graphic and the same can be applied according to the geographical location of your audience; That is why an advertising agency in Hermosillo is going to implement a marketing and advertising plan that is very different from another city and even the state of the republic.

Product presentation

One last key aspect of source selection is the marketing strategy you plan to implement; either physical or digital, such as the creation of advertising posters, brochures, banners, video, advertising on social networks, etc., since there are sources that are more appropriate depending on the format you have in mind to use.

So when deciding the type of font you want to use in advertising design, try to follow these guidelines so that the message you want to get across has a better reception.

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