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FAQs on Skip Hire

You may have heard about skip hire and would like to avail such services for your business. But before going ahead with signing the contract, it is necessary to know the commonly asked questions. Being better prepared will allow you to Hire a skip Farnham without any hassle.


1. What not to throw in the skip?

A. Several materials should not be thrown in the skip to avoid legal issues. It includes electronic and electrical equipment, solvents & chemicals, gas bottles, liquids like oil, clinical waste, asbestos, tires, plasterboard, etc.

2. What is allowed to be thrown in the skip?

A. Uncontaminated soil, rubble, bricks, domestic waste like furniture, packaging, fixtures and furnishings. Also is included non-electrical fittings, plastic, metal, wood, etc.

3. Hire a skip Farnham charges?

A. Skip hire price calculation is generally done on required skip size, content nature, local council permit requirements and location.

4. Are Skip contents recycled?

A. Some reputed skip hire companies recover 100 percent waste brought to their site. Recycling and reuse is done at the optimum while remaining waste gets recovered in the form of ready-to-use fuel. No waste from the skip is sent to the landfill.

5. How full is it possible to fill up the Skip?

A. Skip filling is recommended to just its side height and loaded to be the level. This will allow the professionals to transport safely and securely the skip to their materials recycling facility. You may Hire a skip Farnham company that does its best to protect the environment.

6. What to do for Skip Hire Price?

A. You are recommended on the skip type and size required and if permit is required from the local councilor or not. Skip will be delivered as soon as you are ready to receive it. Once it is full, then you may notify the company to collect it immediately. They will recycle, reuse or recover the contents.

7. Is Permit essential?

A. Perhaps, you may not have sufficient space to keep the skip in your premises. If so, then you may be compelled to keep it on the road or pavement. Placing the skip without permission on the public highway is illegal. So, a valid permit will be necessary.

8. Does Permit application involve any cost?

A. You may be charged a fixed amount by your local council. Different councils are known to charge varying amounts. You can Hire a skip Farnham and seek their guidance on these aspects.

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