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Different types of bed

When you furnish a bedroom and you are still thinking about the bed and mattress size then there are a variety of options available in the market when you are going to buy a bed. Choose a bed with different size and style and perfect for your home and lifestyle. Here are different types of beds that can fit in your room

  1. Single size bed

Single bed measures 36 x 75 inches. This is the smallest one. The single bed is furnishing a room for toddlers and for smaller children and is very comfortable for those who are sleeping alone.

  1. Double size bed

Double bed is very comfortable for most couples. Couples who share a bed with children’s pets will want to choose a double bed to ensure adequate space. These mattresses are ideal because they are easy to clean from any dust, pollen, or pet dander and also avoid any allergic reactions.

  1. Queen size bed

The majority of the customers are most commonly used queen size beds. Normally two people sleep comfortably and it measures 60 x 84 inches.Queen size bed will likely be your best option, If you’re on a tight budget other than any other beds that are more expensive.

  1. King size bed

A king size mattress improves your overall comfort as well as the quality of your sleep as it gives the extra elbow and legroom comfort. This is very flexible and allows your body to fully relax no matter which position you prefer to lie down. A king size mattress will be the perfect place to bond and relax, for those who already have children, maybe a handful of dogs

  1. Foam latex bed

A foam latex bed is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. This material contains the milky sap which is processed into mattress blocks and these blocks provide a great excellent in spinal and neck bone alignment. Natural Foam Latex bed is a hypoallergenic mattress. Due to its unique structure and completely natural materials, it is resilient to bacteria and moulds. So, for those people who live in hot and humid climatic regions, and they think there could be a lot of bacteria, then foam Latex bed could be the better choice.

  1. Air Bed

Air beds are designed to be used in homes and hospitals. They are considered more permanent. Air beds provide a fresh feel to the patient as it allows for better blood circulation and pressure relief for the patient who is sleeping on it. it also changes pressure points by shifting the position on it. For a patient who has bedsores or pressure sores, air mattresses allow the patient’s body to move comfortably as it shifts the pressure points. Those patients who use an air mattress have less possibility to get sore skin or painful bedsores.

  1. Spring bed

Spring beds are the most common type of mattress available in the market.  The Spring beds are very lightweight and contain comfort layers. Spring mattresses are very cheap and less expensive.

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