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Different type of paints and finishes

When you think about changing the color of your home’s wall, first of all you need to decide what vibes and quality of paint you want. It also depends on the purpose, size of the room, and a lot of factors you need to consider before deciding the paint. You can take help from the experts at homeoncall.com. Professionals will help you to choose the best paint and also give the best finishes to your home.

Here are different types of interior wall paints that you can consider when getting the paint job.

Matte Enamel

Matte enamel is more durable and just like the matte paints. After paint with matte enamel, you can easily clean your wall and in rare cases, you might need to put in efforts to clean it. This is an advantage especially if you have kids. You can see its best use in your kitchen, where you daily wipe walls.


An eggshell gives your wall a shiny finish and it also gives the smoothness just like a satin finish. Its best quality is that it never shows off imperfections, so you can paint your guest room with this paint. You can easily use it on the wall and can paint your entire wall with little quantity of paint.


Satin finish is the most common type of interior wall paint and many people go for it. It gives a soft luster finish on the surface just like gloss, matte paint. Many people use it in the room that needs clean walls. You should prefer it for a smooth and plain wall than rough walls because it shows off a wall quality.


Semi-gloss is also a common interior paint, it is mostly used on at trim places. However, it gives less shine, but it covers more space with a single coat and you can easily clean it with water and soap.

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