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9 Signs of Water Damage that You Should Not Ignore

Water damage can be detrimental to any property. Unless the property has undergone water damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida, it can hugely affect the foundation. Whether it is for your current home or property you are looking to buy, you should watch out for signs of water damage. Experts in Tallahassee, Florida, zeroed in on the 9 most common signs of water damage you should know.


A property that has recently been through floods will have rust and watermarks on the outside walls and gutters. This should be the first thing you look at before entering the property, especially if you are in an area that is prone to flooding. Also consider the location of the property. A home that is on a high spot of the terrain is less likely to suffer from water damage caused by flooding. But those that are in a basin of some sort would probably need water damage restoration, Tallahassee, Florida.

Moldy Smell

The saying that if there is smoke, there must be a gun holds true for properties with water damage. A damp, moldy smell in any property suggests that there is a problem with moisture. It could be the occasional pooling of water when it rains, a leaky pipe, or simply a sink that has been malfunctioning. In any case, any moldy smell denotes a damp, waterlogged space.

Bloating floors

If the tiles of the property you are looking to buy have displaced tiles caused by bloated floors, you can be sure that there is a water piping problem. While this can be fixed, burst water pipes are usually a sign that there is something wrong with the pipework of the house. Fixing it might let you have a few months’ worth of peace, but this same problem could come back again. This can be a costly purchase.

Spots on the ceiling

Spots on the ceiling indicate either a problem with the roof or a problem with the piping or drainage of the rooms above it. If the first-floor ceiling has spots, the bathroom upstairs might not have its waterworks done properly. If you really like the property despite the possibility of water damage, look into water damage restoration costs in Tallahassee, Florida.

Discoloration on walls

Any dark or whiter patches on the wall indicate water damage. This might be caused by molds or by the room’s consistent dampness. You can also check for leaks coming from the ceiling. While the water damage might be well-hidden because the property has been repaired, mold is a serious problem to contend with.

Patchwork repairs

Some homeowners try to make their properties more marketable by repairing damages. However, you can be sure that these repairs are hardly done to a tee. They were probably repaired for aesthetic purposes only, with the real cause of the damage still under the walls and ceilings. Watch out for newly-painted walls that seem to be hiding Easter egg water damages.

Cold rooms and walls

If the room is cold and feels like a cave, chances are, it’s damp. Go ahead and touch the wall. Look for AC units in the house because AC units can also make walls feel cave-like cold. If the AC unit has not been turned on for a while, though, investigate further. You may be looking at a water-damaged property.

Pools of water on the floor

This is a pretty clear sign that there is water damage to the property, or at least it is prone to water damage. Check the basement if there is a basement. Check for any water puddle which could be pooling anywhere in the room as this can later cause plenty of problems.

Mysterious water sounds

In old houses, the plumbing can be pretty noisy, so it’s usual to hear water within the walls. This is just water passing through the drainage, or going up through the pipes. However, if you hear water and there is no one using water while you are viewing the property, this signifies a different problem which, upon further investigation, could lead you to a leaky pipe somewhere.

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