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7 Secrets To Improving The Efficiency Of Your Boiler

Your boiler helps keep your place warm. And as it performs such a crucial job — especially when winter kicks in — you can’t afford to lose its efficiency. Companies that provide boiler installations in Ayr and boiler repair in Ayr know how inefficiencies can lead to several setbacks ranging from premature wear and tear and higher bills.

In this article, we’re giving you seven tips on how to improve the efficiency of your trusted boiler.

Regularly clean your boiler. Your boiler is a closed vessel that produces steam or hot water. This product’s numerous applications include central heating, water heating, and even power generation. As in any other facility, it requires regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of soot or any other thing that may hamper its functions.

Seek help from professional maintenance providers. Apart from cleaning it yourself, you’d also need to sign up for an annual servicing from the same firms that offer boiler installations in Ayr and boiler repair in Ayr. They don’t only ensure that your boiler runs safely and efficiently, they also detect issues and resolve them before they turn into major, expensive concerns.

Always check the pressure level. One of the leading causes of boiler inefficiency is a drop in the pressure level (the normal gauge should be at 1.5 bar). Boilers come with a manual of instructions that typically includes a discussion on how to tweak or fix the pressure level.

Run your boiler with proper excess air. To ensure complete combustion, your boiler must operate with adequate excess air. Too much of this air will cause inefficiency because the boiler will only throw away and not utilize this excess excess air.

Insulate your pipes. An easy way of boosting your boiler’s performance is by lagging your central heating pipes with appropriately sized foam tubes. Doing so will help reduce significant heat loss during the heating process.

Make it a point to turn the heating on. When boilers are shut off for too long a time, suddenly turning them on can bring harm to its efficiency. This is why experts recommend that during down time (a.k.a. Warmer months), you still need to turn on your boiler for 15 minutes once a week.

Try upgrading your boiler burners. Burners — the ones that provide heat input to your boiler — deteriorate over time. Once it is too costly to be simply repaired, you should consider upgrading it to a new, more high-performing one.

When To Consider Replacing Your Boiler

At some point, you would need to replace your boiler instead of just improving its inefficiencies. Its average lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years.

If after employing the above-mentioned tips, your boiler still performs sub-optimally (and it’s beyond the average boiler lifespan), you might need to get in touch with a company that offers boiler installations in Ayr.

Another crucial factor is the number of times your boiler has broken down within a year. If it’s more than twice — and the cost of parts that need repair is significantly high — it would be more cost-effective if you would just get a new boiler for your home.

For boiler installations in Ayr or boiler repair in Ayr, contact C Nicol Gas Services today. We are a reputable boiler community that only delivers high-quality service.