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7 Commercial Roof Waterproofing Benefits for Your Idaho Business

Waterproofing a commercial roof isn’t quite as drastic as a comprehensive tear-off and replacement but is somewhat more involved than repair work. Waterproofing offers six distinct advantages to the careful Idaho business property owner.

#1: Savings

Waterproofing, where an aluminum, urethane, or silicone spray coating is used on top of your present single-ply or built-up roof, is much more affordable than confronting tear-off and replacement. You also save on costly water damage repairs, utility bills, ruined inventory, and destroyed equipment.

#2: Increased Lifespan

A roof, particularly in Idaho that repels heat, will last much longer than one which absorbs heat. This is because the waterproofing that will help reflect 90% of the sun’s heat. This reduced heat keeps the building’s components. The chemicals and polymers don’t break down as they would on a hot roof.

#3: Energy Efficiency

Water repellent coatings are often made of highly reflective components, so infrared radiation to sunlight is bounced back away from the building. This reduces heating costs, saving you money.

Some water resistant coatings may qualify for rebate applications, adding to a net gain. Some water repellant products often have guarantees that guarantee energy efficiency and increase the useful lifetime of your current roof.

#4: Cooler Comfort

With reduced heat absorption from waterproofing, your entire business property remains cooler, increasing employee and customer comfort. Cooler employees are more productive. Comfortable customers are more inclined to return and linger, driving up sales. It also will save you money on AC costs.

#5: Reduced Humidity

Waterproofing, of course, stops water infiltration. When crackling, shrinkage, or seam separation may result in leaks, a protective coating puts a halt to all these headaches. With less water finding its way to your building, humidity drops. Less humid air cools more efficiently and provides better comfort at higher temperatures.

#6: Simplified Maintenance

A waterproof coating atop your current roof membrane, modified bitumen, or built-up roof becomes much easier to maintain and repair. Fixes will be smaller and less extensive, with fewer problem spots for your Idaho maintenance team to handle.

#7 Safety and a Beautiful Building

Water damage can be dangerous if left for too long. Continual dampness, as well as mold formation, could break down support beams over time, which could cause a collapse. Water damage also isn’t pretty. Water stains on walls and ceiling are unsightly and very difficult to get rid of. Excess water can cause mold and moss to grow. These black and green growths are not only unpleasant to look at, but can be a health hazard to your employees.

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