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6 Items You Shouldn’t Put in Your Dumpster

No matter if you are a contractor or a homeowner, when it comes to throwing trash in the dumpster, you need to be careful with it. There are several limitations when you are using dumpster rentals in Orlando. You should be aware of some items that people shouldn’t put in a dumpster usually. Here’s the list of the top six items:


Putting electronics and appliances in a dumpster is a bad idea. These things are not susceptible. In fact, these items can be dangerous in some cases. So, if you want to throw an appliance out of your house, contact a retailer who will replace the item.


You might have some leftover paints after remodeling your kitchen. That does not mean you throw it in the dumpster. If you can’t decide what to do with the leftover paints, make sure you ask your waste disposal provider.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are not only toxic but can have a serious problem with these items. Moreover, they are dangerous for your household. Make sure you are contacting your municipality to get over these types of waste.


Spraying a small amount of pesticide around your lawn is not the same as dumping a can in your dumpster. This can be the cause of huge environmental threats. This is why you need to contact your waste disposal provider.


Just like electronics, batteries can create a lot of issues. Plus, this item is not sustainable at all. If you have old batteries, your waste disposal provider will tell you how to make a safe disposal.

Yard Waste

You are probably thinking about putting yard waste including leaves, grass, and branches in your dumpster, but it’s not the right way. You can contact the municipality’s drop-off center for a curbside pick-up.

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