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10 Boiler Maintenance Tips

The furnace is the heart of your home, working hard to keep you warm and supply hot water all year. As a result, if you want to be comfortable throughout the harsh winter months, regular maintenance is required.

While contacting a professional for gas boiler maintenance is always recommended, there are several easy things you can do yourself to keep it in good working order. Here are some boiler maintenance suggestions to keep your boiler in good working order.

1. Perform an annual boiler inspection

Even though the boiler looks to be in perfect operating order, it is critical to schedule a boiler overhaul at least once a year. The specialist will find any flaws and finally ensure that the boiler functions safely and effectively during a service.

Having your boiler inspected on a regular basis will assist you in detecting potential problems that could lead to catastrophic breakdowns in the future. Servicing is inexpensive and can help you save a significant amount of money if a breakdown occurs and you need to contact heating repair professionals.

2. Turn on the heat on a regular basis

To keep your boiler working smoothly, turn it on at least once a month, even during the summer. This will assist in cleaning the boiler pump of any dirt that may have accumulated while it was not in use.

Turning on the central heating for 10-15 minutes every now and then can assist maintain everything running well and reduce the likelihood of a failure.

3. Verify the boiler pressure

Check the boiler pressure gauge to see whether it needs to be refilled. Ideally, the reading should be between one and two bars. Anything less than one bar is too low, and the boiler must be re-pressurized.

4. Flush the radiators

It is critical to ensure that your radiators are in good operating order. If they have cold areas, air is most likely trapped inside. It’s a good idea to bleed your radiators before winter arrives to ensure that your heating system functions properly when you need it the most.

5. Check the radiators for balance

Is it true that radiators located further away from the boiler are colder than those located closer? If this is the case, you may need to weigh them. The problem is that it is not as simple as bleeding radiators, and you may need to hire a specialist to complete this work. The technique entails regulating the radiators to ensure that hot water is distributed evenly to each radiator in the house.

6. Avoid clogs

Boilers must be properly vented. So make sure there isn’t anything in your way, that nothing is covering or blocking the air vents, and that the outdoor smoke ducts aren’t obstructed.

7. Search for a blue flame

If your boiler flame is visible, make sure it is a bright blue colour. A yellow or orange flame warns that something is wrong and that a professional should be called as soon as possible.

8. Avoid freezing the condensate pipe

When the temperature falls below zero, the external condensate pipe can freeze, resulting in a blockage and the boiler shutting down. However, there are steps that may be taken to avoid this.

If the condensate pipe isn’t already insulated, wrap it in old towels or apply foam pipe insulation. It’s also a good idea to increase the heat on the boiler thermostat to avoid dampness.

9. Install a carbon monoxide detector

Installing an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your house is one technique to defend against carbon monoxide poisoning. If the alarm detects carbon monoxide, it will quickly notify you. Alarms range in price from € 15 to € 30 and can be obtained in most DIY stores. Install it at least one metre away from the boiler, preferably in the same room, and you will be notified if the boiler begins to emit carbon monoxide.

10. Leave it to the experts

If you notice a significant boiler problem, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Contact a trained specialist who understands boiler maintenance.

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